5 Morning Mistakes That Affect Metabolism



Morning is the best time of the day in to significantly increase the speed of your metabolism. The metabolic rate has a great effect on the digestive process, and if it is slow, it will lead to a rapid accumulation and deposition of fats and the appearance of excess pounds. If you have a high metabolic rate, then your body burns calories very quickly and the development of obesity cannot threaten you.

The speed of your metabolism depends on various factors: genetics, body weight and age. There are additional ways to speed up your metabolism, or vice versa, to slow it down. Remember, your conscious choice of way of life will lead to an increase in the speed of metabolism or its significant decrease.

Here is a list of morning habits that slow down your metabolism and in this way stop you from getting slim and healthy. By avoiding them you’ll get toned and attractive body very quickly.

Waking up too early
Waking up too early is one of the most common morning mistakes. It’s true that getting up early can have lots of benefits, such as having more time for breakfast or exercise.

But if it means you’re cutting back on the amount of sleep you get at night, it can lead to the development of metabolism problems and becoming overweight.

Getting less than seven hours of sleep a day activates hunger and stress hormones, which cause you to build up fat.

To avoid this consequence, however, it’s best to respect a healthy sleep schedule and get at least seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

Eating breakfast too late
Continuing with the breakfast theme, you should remember that when you eat breakfast also influences how much it can benefit your metabolism.

To avoid the excessive production of hunger hormones, it’s a good idea to eat a healthy breakfast within an hour of getting up.

Waiting longer than that can reduce your body’s ability to burn calories and transform fats and sugars into energy.

Not drinking necessary amounts of water
It’s a well-known fact that hydration is a key to our health and beauty. It also helps to boost your metabolism and flush the toxins out of your body. So make sure that your drink 2-3 liters of water per day. It’s also a great idea to drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice in the morning on empty stomach.

Do not eat a good breakfast
Not spending enough time to eat a good breakfast is the main reason why the diet fails at the time of losing weight.

This first meal is essential to maintain a good functioning of the metabolism and, in addition, is the one that provides the body with energy.

Replacing breakfast with coffee with cookies slows metabolism and prevents weight loss.
The situation is the same when ignored with the belief of “saving calories”.
A good breakfast should represent 25% of the total daily calorie intake.
This should contain protein, fiber and sources of carbohydrates.
It is also essential to add antioxidants and, if possible, omega 3 fatty acids.

Eat Unhealthy Snacks
Eat a dessert or sweets

To keep the metabolism active and to avoid morning fatigue, it is recommended to eat snacks in the middle of the morning. These small meals give the body an extra boost of energy and nutrients so that it continues its work without difficulties. The problem is that many do not know how to choose them and end up eating foods full of calories and artificial substances. It is not okay to eat breads, fried or drinks full of cream and calories.

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