23 Things Only Type-A People Understand


There are two types of people in this world: type A and type B. And look, B’s, while we admire your carefree, relaxed and happy-go-lucky outlook on life, we prefer to-do lists and structure. So go ahead and call us overly competitive, high-strung perfectionists, but we know how to get stuff done.

Here, 23 things all type-A people can relate to.

1. The soaring freedom that is a meticulously organized closet, most likely by color.

2. The blood-boiling stress that is a sink load of dirty dishes sitting in its own filth.

3. The life-giving catharsis that is an afternoon with a label maker.
4. Everything is a competition and we play to win.

5. Therefore, don’t be surprised when we unapologetically throw elbows during a game of Scrabble.

6. Did you really just tell us to calm down?
7. A few hours with no plans is peaceful. A whole day with no plans is nails on a chalkboard.

8. No, watching a Law & Order marathon does not count as plans.

9. Arriving five minutes early means arriving on time.

10. You know that friend who is constantly running “a few minutes late”? We rarely make plans with her for a reason.

11. Related: We will shamelessly tell said tardy friend that a 7:30 reservation is at 7.

12. We are the token reservation-bookers in our friend group. We pretend to get annoyed by this fact, but we secretly relish it.
13. To-do lists are our lifeblood.

14. People without to-do lists are most likely psychopaths.

15. Group projects send us to therapy

16. Notification bubbles on an iPhone screen. Need we give our opinion?

17. Sorry if we seem a little tired. We were up at 6 a.m. visualizing all the errands we had to get done by noon.

18. Two words: hand sanitizer.
19. If you want to see us lose our ever-loving mind, put us in the back of a line.

20. Or in a room with no cell phone service.

22. And don’t even get us started on slow walkers. In the middle of the sidewalk.

23. Oh, sorry, did we just interrupt you to finish your sentence? Maybe you’ve noticed a trend.


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