She’s Eight Months Pregnant, Has A Six Pack That Most Of Us Only Dream Of

No one can quite believe that this woman’s abs are so defined, despite the fact that she’s 36-weeks-pregnant.

Chontel Duncan, a social media sensation, fitness star and model, has been wowing her 195,000 Instagram followers with her pregnancy shape, proving that you can still sport a six pack while heavily pregnant.

The health advocate, who’s currently heavily pregnant with her first child, has been documenting her pregnancy journey, posting snaps of her changing body shape – and received mixed reviews for her efforts.

Duncan, who heads up Aussie-based fitness business HIIT and was a finalist in the 2009 edition of Miss Universe Australia, has been both praised for promoting exercise during pregnancy and simultaneously raised concern among some of her fans who labelled the star as “unhealthy”.

Duncan’s had a small baby bump throughout her pregnancy, and shared a photo at the 21-week mark that showing just how small she still was.

She also posted a photo on her Facebook page of herself and a fellow mum-to-be, who was just four weeks ahead of her in pregnancy – and sporting a much larger bump – to prove that all women carry their unborn child differently.

At 21 weeks, Duncan was barely showing. [Photo: Facebook/Chontal Duncan]

Duncan’s pregnant friend, Nat, is just four weeks ahead of her in pregnancy, despite the huge difference in their bump sizes. [Photo: Facebook/Chontal Duncan]

But despite looking so fit, Duncan still faces the same pregnancy side effects as most other mums-to-be.

“Boy do I feel pregnant, this tummy is massive, heavy, makes sitting up so difficult, rolling over in bed a funny task, trying my sneakers hard work & my back has its moments where it throbs,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It’s exciting because these are all NEW signs & signs that mean Little D is almost here.”

She also asked her fans for advice on prepping for the birth and motherhood in general, as well as sharing the tips she’s been given by other mums to kick-start labor.

Alison Coldridge

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