When She Started Wrapping Yarn Around Her Fingers, I Was Beyond Confused. But The End Result? WOW!

Having a cute rug for your room can really tie the space together.  One of the biggest problems when choosing a rug is making sure all the colors are right, but not if you make your own!

This DIY tutorial will show you how to make your own colorful pom pom rug out of nothing but yarn!  All it takes is a lazy afternoon, scissors, yarn, and some creativity.

The hardest part of this project is choosing the yarn.  Go to your local frat store and pick out how much yarn and what color yarns you want depending on the type of rug you want to make.

Once you get the yarn you need, take it and wrap it around three fingers:

Next, pass the tail of the yarn through your fingers, and tie it in the center.  This will hold everything in place.


Carefully slip your fingers out of the ball of tied yarn, and now you have yourself a pom pom!


Now comes the special part.  Cut the edge of the pom pom to allow the edges to fray out for fuzziness.



Cut off the fuzzies to the desired length, and you will be left with little balls like this:


From here on out, its all about repetition.  Keep making pom pom balls, and tie the ends together to make your rug.


It can be in any shape you want!


You can make it fit any room, because everything is up to you!


Let us know how your rug comes out, and any suggestions for those making it in the future.





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