3 Ways Your Smartphone Is Hurting You

3 Ways Your Smartphone Is Hurting You

3 Ways Your Smartphone Is Hurting YouSmartphones have completely altered the way we lead our lives, for better and for worse. Yes, they are an incredible technology with a ton of uses that only improve our lives, but there is also a dark side to smartphone use, or abuse.

Here are 3 ways your smartphone can actually hurt your health if you use it too much.


Jumbling your brain.

3 Ways Your Smartphone Is Hurting You

Multitasking and checking your phone constantly throughout the day doesn’t make you more efficient. In fact, it’s making you less productive and less able to focus on tasks that need it. Using your smartphone to get more work done after business hours actually leads to a less productive following day. It also makes you more likely to be forgetful, because your brain isn’t built to remember things while doing four separate tasks at once. Instead of trying to do everything, try to complete one task at a time. Don’t check your email every 10 minutes. Don’t keep checking in on social media. It will only stress you, whether you realize it or not. And all that stress only works to worsen the output of your brain. Don’t let your smartphone make you dumber.

Encouraging text neck.

3 Ways Your Smartphone Is Hurting You

Staring down at that little screen time and time again is altering your posture in a bad way. Bending your head forward puts an incredible amount of strain on your neck, adding dozens of pounds more force on your delicate spine and neck muscles. This causes certain muscles to overcompensate, become tight and create an unattractive and uncomfortable spinal posture.


Aging your face.

3 Ways Your Smartphone Is Hurting You

Stop. Without changing anything, take note of what your face is doing as you read this. Are you furrowing your eyebrows, frowning, pursing your lips, squinting your eyes? If so, these expressions can make a permanent impression on your face if you’re not careful. Think of how many hours you look at screens every day. If you are contorting your face like that for even a fraction of those hours, your skin is going to start sagging and wrinkling prematurely in that fashion





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