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One night while watching television the following commercial comes on. I want you to watch it and think about what you see:

At first I didn’t get it, I thought OK, why is she making her run up and down the stairs and then the end the video explains it all. We have to bribe our children to move? It’s bad enough we can barely get them off of electronic devices to go outside and run, play and simply enjoy fresh air but now we have to get them to move for a couple dollars.

Then on another night while watching Criminal Minds, Derek Morgan is running on a track with an NFL player, they stop and talk to some children that are there and here is what they say, “Hey kids, if you want to grow up and be an NFL player or FBI agent, I need you to go outside for 15 minutes a day. That’s all I ask”.

Really??? Since when is 15 minutes a day all children need in active movement? When did it become okay to beg our children to go outside and play or move around? I remember when my children were little I had to beg them to come inside for dinner! My kids had skateboards, jump ropes and chalk to play hopscotch. They played imaginary figures outside and had adventures. Now children have all of these things on a tablet, cell phone or computer.

This is a sad situation and it is why more than 30 % of America’s youth is obese. We need to get out there with our children, encourage them to go outside and play. Take away the tablets or other devices that keep them prisoner to the inside of our homes. We owe this to our children to lead healthy lifestyles, expand their minds imagination streak and simply be kids.

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