10 Reasons Why You Should Eat A Green Apple

All sorts of apples have health benefits, but the thing that makes green apples special is that they have a high nutritional density packed with minerals, vitamins, proteins and fiber. They are popular in their fight against digestive problems, blood glucose regulation and the presence of good cholesterol among others.

You may have heard people talking about green apples and their various health benefits.

You surely have heard of the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Green apples have an unmistakable sour taste and they’re mostly made up of water. Thus, they’re prefect for detoxing and re-hydrating the body.

For some time now, it’s been recommended to eat a green apple on an empty stomach not only because it provides energy, but also because the fruit can jog metabolism and prevent sicknesses.

They offer a humongous range of health benefits, being used in the wine industry, in cooking, and, commonly they are specially grown for their healthy oils.

Green apples possess glossy skin, along with a juicy flesh. They’re high in fiber and help keep the digestive tract clean and healthy.

That’s not all, of course — these wondrous fruits offer loads of other benefits.

1. Weight loss
One green apple only has 80 calories. Despite the low number, it’s a powerful energy source thanks to its carbohydrate and amino-acid content.

Eating this fruit on an empty stomach provides the body with higher fiber concentration that, in addition to improving digestion, keeps us satisfied for a longer period of time.
Its nutrients get metabolism running from the first hours of the day and, thanks to the jump-start, the body can burn calories more easily.

2. Easing digestion
If you’ve consumed something heavy and are worried about whether your stomach can take it, you could just go ahead and have a green apple. Green apples can help ease the digestion, due to the enzymes present in the apple.
Pectin, a type of fiber found in the fruit, regulates intestinal movements and aids in the elimination of waste.

Green apples have light carminatives effects that combat gas build-up in the digestive tract.
The fruit neutralizes excessive production of gastric juices and prevents inconveniences such as indigestion and reflux.

3. Maintain Cardiovascular Health
The most common characteristic which is shared by both apple and green tea is that they both have phenolic compound. The compound is also what gives apple skin the distinctive taste. Turns out, as some researches and health blog suggest, the phenolic compound found in apple skin is responsible for preventing the cholesterol from building up on the wall of our blood vessels, mainly arteries. Which is why eating apple for breakfast can help protecting your heart from clogging and other heart-related diseases.

4. Reducing the Risk of Diabetes
Many researches suggested that apple can help reducing the risk of diabetes, this of course doesn’t mean that eating apple can prevent diabetes symptoms to ever surface in our lives. However, what we can learn from the research is that the studies consistently show that those who eat apple apparently encountered less diabetes-related health conditions than those who don’t.

5. Cerebral health
There are many factors that influence brain health. However, eating an apple every morning can contribute to preventing illnesses that lead to cognitive deterioration.

The green apple has plenty of antioxidants, among those are catechin and epicatechin. These antioxidants protect brain cells from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Flavonoids, together with the vitamin C and magnesium found in apples, help regenerate cells. By improving circulation, they optimize oxygenation for brain tissue.

6. Skin health
We’re not talking about a miracle remedy for wrinkles or anything of that matter. However, the apple’s antioxidants are also excellent allies for fighting against premature signs of aging in the skin.

By adding apples to your diet, its substances aid in cellular reconstruction and rejuvenation. As a result, there’s a reduction in wrinkles and skin spots.
The high water content in apples keeps skin hydrated and, over time, purifies it.
Green apples are great for stimulating collagen and elastin production, which are substances that keep the dermis firm and young.

7. Protects the Nervous System
Neural degeneration can happen to some, if not the best of us. They can be rather scary because of how inevitable and sudden the symptoms appear. Thankfully, apple is said to be able to prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease, and even in some rare cases, reversed the effect. Presumably, it worked by the help of antioxidant substances in the fruit as well as some unidentified compounds which are proven to have reversing effect on neurodegenerative conditions in animal studies.

8. Serves as Immunity Booster
By now we’ve probably already known that apple contain antioxidants that’s extremely useful to fight free radicals and prevent us from catching diseases. The cool thing is that aside from common nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A and selenium, apple also contains this unique chemical compound known as quercetin. Quercetin is known for its ability to promote immunity against some pathogens as well as weakening some adverse immunity reactions usually found in allergy symptoms.

9. Dental plaque reduction
The compounds in green apples provide significant benefits for our dental health by reducing bacterial plaque formation.

Its natural acids clean teeth. In addition, the acid neutralizes bacteria growth that can cause infections.
Green apples also increase saliva production and, by regulating the mouth’s pH level, it prevents bad breath.

10. Contains Low Cholesterol
The dietary fiber in apple is soluble, which means the fiber can absorb some cholesterol in our body and solve them along with other nutrients. Not only that, by eating apple, we allow less other meals for us to eat, which means less calories to consume, less meals also means less cholesterol-packed foods there is to eat.

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