10 Positive Things to say to Your Child Every Day That Will Change Their Life

10 Positive Things to say to Your Child Every Day That Will Change Their Life


Your child, one moment he’s an infant needing you in every way, and then before you know it, he says to you “No, mom I can do it!” They grow up so fast, and many times we are left wondering if we’ve done everything right to prepare them for the world outside of mommy’s comfort zone. Here are a few simple powerful words that you can add to your daily conversations with your child that can change the way your child thinks about themselves and others.

You make me smile


Nothing makes a child happier than knowing that he has made his parents happy. Tell him how much he makes you smile, how proud and happy you are to be his mommy and you couldn’t imagine your life with him. This simple phrase will mean the world to them.

I believe in you.

1Your child needs to know they have your approval. Start early, and boost their confidence when they make good choices, and be open to talking to them when they make bad choices. Your words can build them up or tear them down, choose your words wisely and positively, give them wings so they can fly!


2You’re not perfect and neither is your child. Teach your kids that mistakes happen, it’s far more productive to show them how to handle their mistake and not feel like a failure.




The world can be a very scary place! As a parent, you know that your first priority is to make sure your child is safe and secure. Let your child know that they are safe, verbalizing this reinforces their need for security.





Encourage your child to experience new things, and help them out of their comfort zone. You may have to hold their hand at first, but don’t be afraid to let go, and see how they do on their own. It’s a big, beautiful and curious world out there, encourage your child to try new things!




Our children are listening to us and what we expect of them, but how often do we actually listen to them and what they want or expect from us? Your child needs to know that you are listening to them and they can come to you with whatever is bothering them. Let them know you are listening to them and value what they have to say.




Giving your child choices to make even early on in life will instill confidence in themselves. Knowing that they have choices, the freedom to choose, and your support encourages positive growth.



This is a powerful thing to say to a child. Knowing that their parent is proud of them encourages them to keep working hard or to try and accomplish something that seems out of reach. Let your child know how proud of them you are, and that they have your complete support.


7Children love to help their parents. Encourage clean-up time by asking them to help you and thank them for helping you with this big chore. You’ll find them eager to help if they know that they can make you happy and not feel forced into helping you. Let them know that you appreciate their help. No one likes to do a job and not feel appreciated, and that includes your child.

8This goes without saying, every child needs to feel loved and hearing how much you love them makes them feel loved, safe and secure. Love is a powerful thing, tell your child how much you love them, each and every day.



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