10 Foods You Should NEVER Consume If You’re Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, you want to eat well and take good care of your body to make sure your baby is born healthy.  A big part of that is making sure you’re getting proper nutrients from your diet—or staying away from things that could potentially cause harm. There are some foods that you should never eat while pregnant:

1Extra-Rare Meat

raw steak

Raw or even under cooked meat or poultry contains a risk of contamination with coliform bacteria, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella, so plan on ordering your steak well done for the next nine months.

2Unpasteurized Dairy

Baked Brie with Pecans

Dairy is important when you’re pregnant because it’s loaded with calcium, protein, and vitamin D, but not all dairy products are created equal. You want to avoid anything raw or unpasteurized—and that includes certain types of soft cheeses like Brie, blue cheese, and feta.

3 Salad Bars

Jason's Deli salad bar

There are some unknown factors when you’re at the salad bar.  You don’t know if the food has been kept cool enough, you can’t be sure how long it’s been sitting out, and there could be a risk of unpasteurized cheese. Any of these factors can come with a risk of salmonella, Listeria, or even E.Coli, so stick to homemade salads for now.

4 Certain Types of Sushi (and Fish)

Get ready to break up with sushi for a bit, because many types of fish used in sushi (think tuna and swordfish) contain high levels of mercury, which has been linked to developmental delays and brain damage when consumed during pregnancy.

5 Processed Meats

Turkey Sandwich

If you normally hit up the deli counter to get your sandwich fixings for the week, hold up. It might be quicker, easier and more convenient than cooking a turkey or chicken breast yourself, but deli meats like ham, turkey, chicken, bologna and salami come with a risk of Listeria.

6 Raw Shellfish


Raw shellfish is a concern for anyone, but if you’re expecting, you especially want to stay away from it, because it’s prone to causing illness.

7 Raw Eggs

Raw eggs, like any other raw food, should be avoided because of the inherent risk of salmonella. But, OK, it’s not like you’re actually going to be pounding back raw eggsBeauty and the Beast‘s Gaston-style, straight out of the carton, but the ingredient can actually be found in plenty of other things you eat regularly: Caesar dressing, mayo or even homemade ice cream.

8 Unpasteurized Juice

Unless you’re sure it’s pasteurized or you’ve squeezed it at home yourself and consumed it right away, due to the risk of E. Coli and Listeria.

9 Caffeine

Of all the things to give up, this may be the most heartbreaking. There’s debate on whether caffeine in moderation is OK, but many studies show that caffeine intake can be related to miscarriages, so it may be best to avoid it during the first trimester and keep your caffeine intake under 200 mg per day during pregnancy, according to AmericanPregnancy.org.

10 Alcohol

The Girl Next Door Cocktail

Though some experts may argue you can get your drink on occasionally, the CDC still argues against drinking at all, even the occasional glass of wine..

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