10 Crazy things People say to Pregnant Women

10 Crazy things People say to Pregnant Women

10 Crazy things People say to Pregnant Women

People can say some really crazy things when a woman is carrying a baby bump. It really is fascinating to see how people react to the big news.

Here is a list of the ridiculous things that I’ve heard:

“ You’re having a boy, your belly is high”

Although science has yet to link the shape of a pregnant woman’s belly to the gender of the baby she’s having, that doesn’t stop people from guessing.

“Are you carrying twins?”

No. There’s just one baby in there, and maybe a lot of pasta.

“Can I touch your belly?”

What I’d like to say: “For a small fee!”

What I usually say: “Sure!”

“You look tired.”

That’s because I am, thanks to pregnancy insomnia. And now, I am hyper-aware that my concealer isn’t working, thank you!

“Oh, my ankles also got swollen when I was pregnant.”

Oh that’s nice, my ankles actually always look this way!?

“Get in all the sleep you can now.”

Reality check…Sleep is not like a savings account — you can’t save it up for a dry spell.

“You already have a boy and a girl, this one’s just gravy!”

I’m sorry, but I think I’m committing to a little more than just “gravy” with kid no. 3.

 “You’re getting close!”

No, actually I still have two months to go….

“It’s really hot today. You must be really hot!”

Yes. Because I am lugging around a watermelon 24/7, I’m always hot.

“You’ve got that pregnant woman glow!”

This is one saying that I never get tired of hearing.


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