The Weird Places You Could Get Skin Cancer


Scalp. Check every inch by parting and combing through small sections of hair until you’ve covered your entire head.

Fingernails. Yup, melanoma can develop under your nails. Look for changes in coloration in the nail bed. “It may even look like a new brown streak that was not there before,” says Zeichner, who also recommends looking between the toes and on the soles of the feet.

Tattoos. If a mole is covered in ink, chances are good you won’t notice morphing borders or unsettling multi-hues. Try to avoid tattooing moles, says Zeichner. But if you already have any covered, be extra vigilant about watching for changes.

Folds and creases. You may need to gently bend your ears a bit in order to peek behind them or expose areas hidden by folds, says Zeichner. Melanoma can also hide in the creases and regions typically covered by underwear—this is why a thorough skin check requires you to be fully undressed.

Under jewelry. Rings, watches, bracelets, and any jewelry worn regularly isn’t a fail-safe guard against skin cancer. Remove all accessories and look at sections they cover.

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