Watch: Fun Family Puts Festive ‘Elf’ Twist on Kendrick Lamar!

‘Tis the season for the Holderness family to do what they do best: create wacky Christmas parodies.

The festive family skyrocketed to viral superstardom two years ago with the original holiday music video “Christmas Jammies,” and this year they are back in action with their latest hit, “ELFED,”

Instead of Lamar’s famous lyrics, “I love myself,” the Holdernesses changed the words to “Let’s all get elfed,” as they dance around New York City and their home state of North Carolina wearing costumes that look like they’re straight out of the North Pole.

“Let’s get elfed baby, Christmas time is just plain crazy,” the dad, Penn Holderness, sings from inside his decorated living room. “A holiday that can be a mess. ‘I am so stressed.’ Stressed? Nah, I don’t want to hear it. Head outside and show some spirit. Elves are happy, elves are fun, there’s a little bit of elf in everyone.”

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