The Real Reason You Should Use Eye Cream LIGHTLY

The Real Reason You Should Use Eye Cream Sparingly

By now, you already know that you SHOULD NOT  be applying your eye cream at night. but are you also aware of how much–or rather, how little–you should be using each time?

That would be no larger than a pea-sized amount for both eyes (so half a pea, per peeper).

If you use too much of the stuff, your lashes will pick up the extra cream and transfer it to your eyes whenever you blink. This can cause irritation and ironically, make them look puffy and worse for the wear.

To apply, take your ring finger and gently tap the cream under each eye–from the inner corners to the outer corners. Let it absorb for a few minutes and off you go. Bonus: Your pricey jar will last much longer now.

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