Why this ONE household item is WAY better than those fancy oil blotting sheets

There’s a fine line between “dewy and fresh-faced” and straight-up grease pit. And as any shiny-faced gal knows, those oil absorbing sheets  are a godsend. But at the rate you probably go through them, they’re also expensive. Here, an affordable alternative using something you already have in your kitchen.


What you need: Coffee filters and a pair of scissors.

What you do: Smooth out the filter so it lies flat and cut it into four equal-sized pieces. Next, take one of the pieces and blot as you normally would–concentrating on the oiliest parts of your face (usually around the nose and forehead). It’s important to really press the sheet down into your skin (never rub) to properly absorb oil. Repeat as needed throughout the day.

Why it works: Coffee filters are made from very similar materials as those fancy blotting papers you buy at the store. Plus, they don’t have any added fragrance or ingredients that can potentially irritate your skin. And again, you’ve already got stacks of them lying around.

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