Kim Kardashian Gets Called Out for Dangerous Parenting: What Did She Do?

Kim Kardashian Tries to Seduce

Critics on the Internet have  taken a major issue with a cute photo Kim posted on Instagram this week.

Here it is:

North West Takes a Bath

Pretty basic, right?

Kim wrote “GLOW” as the caption of an image that features daughter North West taking a bath, surrounded by some glow sticks.

But not everyone thought it was as harmless and cute as we find it to be.

Here’s what some of the  commentators had to say about the  Keeping Up With Kardashians star upon seeing this picture:

Glow sticks are toxic and the fluid is in the tub.

It would be really tragic if one of those broke.

That’s not safe at all – it can poison her skin.

If one of those pop, she will be bathing in dangerous chemicals.

What do you think? Did she put her kid in harms way just for a cute pic?

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