Hotel Guest Finds a Note of Warning Hidden in the Sheets

Hotel cleaning service

“If you’re reading this, housekeeping did not change your sheets.”

One of the perks of staying at a hotel is the fact you don’t have to clean up after yourself and you’re treated to clean sheets stretched  over a perfectly made bed. No surprise, then, that one traveler was a bit disturbed to find a hand-written note in her bed during a recent Courtyard Marriot stay that read, “If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets!”


The note was posted on a Reddit thread by an anonymous user under the ominous title, “Heard something crinkle when I settled in for the night.” The user did not reveal the location of the property, but the note was written on the hotel’s own letterhead.


Feeling grossed out yet? I know I am! So the next time you’re about to settle in for the night, take a peak under that perfectly placed blanket, just to be sure that the bed you’re staying in was indeed changed and replaced with clean linen.

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