What It Feels Like to Be a Young Child With ASD

When 10-year-old Benjamin was given a school assignment to write a poem entitled “I Am” — using 18 pre-written prompts such as “I see,” “I hear,” and “I feel” , he could have written just about anything to fill in those blanks. But,  Benjamin has autism, so his poem turned out to be an eye-opening look into what it feels like for him to be different. He wrote how it feels to be “odd” and out of place, to feel “like a boy in outer space.” His mom posted the honest and vulnerable poem to the National Autism Association’s Facebook page to share with the world what it’s like to be a young child with ASD.



A mother writes, “My 10 year old son with Aspergers was asked to write a poem for school titled ‘I Am’ he was given the first 2 words in every sentence. This is what he wrote…”

(You did an excellent job, Benjamin! You fit right in with us because we’re #oddtoo.)


Read his beautiful words in his adorable little-boy handwriting above.

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