This Dad With Alzheimer’s Is Himself Again When He Sings With His Son

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When father Simon and son Mac McDermott began singing together in the car, Simon’s dementia has dramatically improved to the point where he’s happily present in the moment, his son explained on their Just Giving fundraising page.

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Simon’s condition deteriorated drastically. “The more [the] Alzheimer’s kicked in, the more Dad became violent—both physically and verbally,” Mac wrote. “It was incredibly difficult to manage. And terrifying at times.”

He explained that the Alzheimer’s Society gave him and his family the support they needed to help their father, especially through the organization’s help lines. To thank them for their support, Mac set out to raise money by putting his dad’s talents as a former touring singer to good use.

“The plan is to share as much of Dad’s singing as we can,” Mac wrote, “and hopefully it will help raise money to fund the work of the Alzheimer’s Society—more specifically to go towards paying for a person at the end of the phone line to help other people like us.”

Since sharing their videos and launching the fundraiser on June 8, they’ve raised over $73,697.

What’s even more amazing is how the singing has helped Simon’s condition. “In the last few years his memory has deteriorated a lot—often not recognizing me as his son. It’s a horrible illness,” Mac wrote. “However, now when we’ve got him singing again he’s back in the room. It’s these moments that we treasure.”

Wow, all I can say is what an amazing son. He loves his father so much and found a perfect way to help him feel like himself and help him combat this  deteriorating disease.

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