This Baby’s Birth Was 1 in 48 Million


Aug. 16 is already a very special day for both Caitlin and Tom Perkins. The couple, from Australia, were both born on that date in 1986, just 50 minutes apart!

Naturally, when the Caitlin became pregnant with their first child and her due date happened to fall in August, everyone hoped it would fall on the couple’s 30th birthday. This occurrence is highly unusual happening   one in 48 million births, and it did happen, naturally.

After little Lucy Marie decided to arrive one week early, Caitlin’s obstetrician, Brad Robinson, shared the exciting news on Facebook with an adorable snapshot of the new family of three. “Guess who else now has a birthday on 16 August? YEP. Lucy was born yesterday after SPONTANEOUS labor on the same day as her parents!” he wrote. “I feel kind of bad now because I’d been goading Caitlin for a week that I was somehow going to make this happen — so she now blames me for putting a hex on her! How incredible is it that the three of them now have the same birthday? And what a gorgeous family they make!”

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