This Amazing Kid Grew Out His Hair So He Could Donate It to a Little Girl With Cancer

Two years ago, an 8-year-old boy named Thomas Moore  from Maryland and his mom  watching a Facebook video about Kyssi Andrews, a little girl who had lost all of her hair to cancer.

His aunt  explained what cancer was, and how treatment like chemotherapy can cause someone to go bald. Thomas immediately decided to help by growing his hair out and donating it all to the girl.

It took two long years for the hair to get to a length that he felt was good enough, and once the hair started to get uncomfortably long he had to remind himself of why he was doing it all the time to stop himself from quitting.

Finally, last Saturday, the now 10-year-old and his family went in for the long-awaited haircut. His aunt tweeted a photo of the momentous occasion on her account the following day, and it quickly went viral.

Tragically, Kyssi Andrews lost her battle to cancer in June 2015, but there are still so many other kids with cancer that his sacrifice can aid. Ray told BuzzFeed that the amount of hair that Thomas cut and donated was enough to make wigs for three sick children.

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