Brilliant Trick for Packing a Floppy Hat in a Suitcase


A floppy hat is the ideal warm-weather accessory. It’s chic and  it’s a much needed sun-protective.  Too bad it’s also a total pain to travel with on an airplane. But we recently stumbled upon a pretty genius solution (thanks to A Pair and A Spare) that changes everything.

Step 1: Gently stuff a heavier piece of clothing (like your favorite chambray button-down) inside the crown of your floppy hat. If you have to, add a second piece of clothing. The goal is to make sure the part of the hat where you put your head is completely stuffed (to maintain its shape).

Step 2: Pack heavier items–like jeans and shoes–at the bottom of your suitcase.

Step 3: Place your hat in the center of your suitcase so the brim lies flat against the bottom layer of clothes.

Step 4: Add lighter-weight clothes (like tees and caftans) on top of the brim of your hat, nestling them around the crown so the hat stays secure in your bag.

Step 5: Enjoy looking  fabulous!

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