Watch: Little Girl Turns Baby Sister Into a ‘Zebra’


Parents often get a sneaking suspicion that something’s going on when they realize their kids have been quiet for a little too long. That’s exactly what happened to Amy Herrmann, a mother of two living in Adelaide, Australia.

Herrmann walked into the kitchen to find that her 3-year-old had used a permanent marker to draw stripes all over her 18-month-old sister. You know, to turn her “a zebra.”


Five days later, the video has racked up more than 10.4 million views.

Herrmann told BuzzFeed that she works as a visual artist and photographer and encourages her kids to be creative — but she has no idea where this whole zebra thing came from.

“We do a lot of drawing and painting, though not usually on our baby sister,” she said. “I worked as a face painter for some time also, so it’s possible that’s where the idea to transform her sister came from too.”


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